Food Safari

We believe that the only way to be truly inspired by food is to live it. This belief lies at the heart of our unique Food Safaris.

Food Safaris from thefoodpeople offer you a tailor-made, totally immersive, once-in-a-lifetime food experience.

We can help you get under the skin of a food culture and feed your inspiration in ways you would not think possible.

Enquire about Food Safari

1. Research

Instead of doing your research in an office, why not do it where it matters? Tell us what you are looking for and our global food experts will plan and guide you on an unforgettable, bespoke Food Safari that will excite and inspire and leave you ready to put your ideas into action.

2. Location

Once you have told us where you would like to go, we will take care of the rest. From travel and hotels to where and what to eat, even down to taking photos and videos and noting down ideas, we will do it. This means that all you have to do is concentrate on being inspired.

3. Culture

Using our unique knowledge of global food trends, our passion for food and our closely guarded little black book of local contacts, we will help you absorb and understand the local food culture, providing extraordinary insight into the food in front of you.

4. Inspiration

Your mouth will water and your mind will be abuzz as you visit the best markets and leading food retailers, meet street food vendors and local chefs and, of course, sample the tastiest foods relevant to your trip. This unique stimulus will inspire you to create the next big food ideas.

5. Reward

We understand that return on investment from your Food Safari is essential. That is why we ensure that the experience generates tangible results. We will note every idea, identify key themes and get you thinking about how you can develop them and turn your inspiration into profit.