Ten Years in Trends

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A lot can happen in 10 years! In January 2016 thefoodpeople was 10 years old!

So we've been reporting on food and beverage trends for a decade! During that 10 years, we've seen the launch of youtube, instagram and twitter, the iphone and ipad, a global economic crisis and a recession, increase in 'wild weather' patterns, driverless cars as well as new words in our vocabulary like selfie, food porn, head cam, house-made, cake-pop, group-hug, date night, onesie, flat white, fat tax, staycation and babycino.

In food we've seen the forever food trends like comfort, health & wellness and convenience continue to evolve, we've seen grazing and sharing turn into an eating phenomena, we've seen americana and burger gourmisation, and street food revolutionise the food scene, we've witnessed the cup cake trends, the growth of farm to table, we've seen el bulli win best restaurant in the world and now it's gone, we've seen dine in deals, restaurant food delivered the first female 3* chef in the UK, we've seen the phenomenal growth of lifestyle allergen avoiders and flexetarians, the blur between sweet and savoury and 3-D printing, we've seen the new nordic cuisine, sous vide cooking, coconut water, the kimchi craze and the cronut leading to the hybrid food movement.

If that wasn't enough, vegetables start to take centre stage and we've seen launch of amazon fresh and . . . that's just the tip of the iceberg (lettuce)! To see the detail behind how the last 10 years have panned out in food and drink, take a look at our 10 years in trends infographic!

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