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Jameson, the world’s favourite Irish whiskey, has unveiled its fifth annual limited edition bottle as it gears up for St. Patrick’s Day 2015. Designed by award-winning, Dublin-based illustrator, Steve Simpson, the bottle forms the flagship of Jameson’s much-anticipated ‘Hello Dublin’ celebrations in Dublin and around the world this March...

Koffman's host thefoodpeople Food Trends Event 2014

Wednesday 19th November saw the coming together of so much creativity in one room, planets may well have collided as a result!

It was the first Food Trends Event held by thefoodpeople at Pierre Koffman’s restaurant in London, where representatives from the food, fashion and design industries gathered to cook, listen and talk about the latest and future trends in the business and it was where thefoodpeople published their 2015 trends...

Exclusive 2015/16 Food Trends Event

thefoodpeople, Pierre Koffmann and our speakers invite you to the launch of our 2015/16 Food Trend Predictions at our Food Trends Event on Wednesday 19th November 2014 at Koffmans, London.

As well as announcing our 2015/16 Food Trend Predictions, we've invited a number of thought provoking speakers to inspire you...

Reminder - Subscribers only Mexico 'buy it now' report

Reminder to all our subscribers to foodwatching, our 'buy it now' Mexico report is available.

South America is on every foodies – and football fans’ – lips at the moment, with the rise of these new cuisines. While the central American country of Mexico may not be a new culinary trend things are beginning to change within this cuisine with many global high profile influential chefs championing the real food of Mexico and street food trucks around the world serving authentic Mexican fare as well as a significant rise in the number of Mexican dishes and ingredients on menus...

2014 Food Trends Infographic

To celebrate the new year, thefoodpeople release a '2014 Food Trends Infographic' to bring to life the ‘Big 8’ Food Trends, Trend Setting Cuisines and Food Fusions for 2014...


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