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thefoodpeople are passionate about identifying and breaking trends to shift the future of food and drink. Our specialist team of analysts watch consumers globally, so you can harness the power of trends.

Through their innate knowledge, passion and curiosity, our champions of change bring alive the next 'big things' that everyone's looking for.

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Companies already harnessing the power of trends:

  • Tesco
  • Coca-Cola
  • Nestle
  • Amazon
  • Greencore

The Upshot?

You’ll get your fill of rich foresight into the world of emergent trends in real time – through our vast, but easily accessible, trendhub – so you can stay at the forefront of change. Being at the forefront of change means trends in social culture, food and beverage trends as well as category, cuisine and ingredient trends in variety of digestible formats from videos, reports and articles to infographics and interactive maps. Everything you need to be an innovator and shift the future of food and drink.

What’s more, should you require, our Bespoke Trends reporting means we can look at the world of food and drink through your specific strategic business lens to not only ‘stimulate’ but importantly ‘incubate’ trends into ideas.

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You’ll help shift your business to a 'tomorrow' space – by keeping your finger on the pulse and keeping your business relevant in this fast changing sector.

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