10 Seater Inner Chef's Table Restaurant Opens at Sosharu, London

This August, Michelin starred chef Jason Atherton has added a 10-seater inner chef's table restaurant at his Clerkenwell location, Sosharu. Kisetsu will serve a beautifully crafted and authentic Kappo-style tasting menu dedicated to the various Japanese specialities, using ingredients inspired by the turning of seasons.

Launching on 15th August in Clerkenwell, the restaurant's sample menu offers the following:

Cold kudzu starch noodles, shrimp, cucumber
Foie gras, fresh wasabi sugar, fresh figs, white miso cream
Mushroom dashi, tofu cream
Assorted sashimi

Charcoal-grilled eel, mitsuba, sansho pepper
Cold chawanmushi, white crab meat, shiitake, daikon, pickle
Duck sukiyaki, watercress, onion, duck egg
Kobe beef rice pot, sweetcorn, home-made pickles

Golden raspberries, yuzu kurd, shiso
Cucumber and melon ice

Find out more on the website here.