Hello, we are thefoodpeople!

thefoodpeople are united in their passion, love and natural curiosity for food, trend spotting, travel and adventure.

We are a expert team of food trend spotters and ideators. Our team hails from all sectors of the food industry. We are innovators, chefs and marketers. We are brand specialists and food researchers. We are food developers, product illustrators, food writers and more. Most of all we are all foodies with a true passion for food.

Established since 2005, thefoodpeople have expertise in global food trend spotting, reporting and predicting as well as food ideation services.

As a business we live and breathe food trends and thrive on creating market-leading food concepts that inspire and excite. We are thefoodpeople.

Charles' food journey

Charles from thefoodpeople

A fourth generation foodie, cooking at his mother's side in the kitchen is where Charles' passion for food began. Hours spent training as a chef led to him winning the title of Junior Chef of the Year. From there, he went to France to learn more, before returning home to take a degree in catering and business.

From high-street restaurants, he moved into new product development at Saxby’s. By the time he left for Grampian, Charles was head of this department, a role in which he would continue, working with, among others, Sainsbury’s. There he met Wayne and the seeds for thefoodpeople were sown. Charles co-founded thefoodpeople with Wayne in 2004.

“The reason that thefoodpeople exists is because we’ve been in your shoes. We know what it’s like; we know it’s not easy generating ideas and identifying trends.”

Wayne's food journey

Wayne from thefoodpeople

Wayne’s journey started at his mother’s side, stirring at the kitchen table. Catering college followed and it wasn’t long before he was working for Raymond Blanc at Michelin-starred Le Manoir aux Quat’ Saisons. Next came teaching French cookery and running his own outside catering company.

After working in food retailing at Harrods, Wayne spent a number of years developing and managing businesses in the food manufacturing industry. At Grampian, he met Charles. A friendship began and, out of a shared passion, a new business was born: thefoodpeople.

“thefoodpeople have a passion for food. We understand food and have a hands-on knowledge of the food industry. We help our clients find the innovation that makes profit.”

Sarah's food journey

Sarah from thefoodpeople

Sarah was invited to join thefoodpeople in the planning stages of the company to draw on her long career in the food industry.
After a formal classic French chef training and a stint working in Europe, Sarah then worked for the Brassart family as a chef instructor at L'ecole de Cuisine Francaise.
After that she set up a catering company in London cooking for high end parties and fundraisers. Next was a move to food development as a consultant to Burberry, in London.
Sarah has always been a keen writer and fascinated by the history, origins and meanings of food and encompasses this in her role as Director of Trends.

“Trends move so fast: as director of trends, it is my responsibility to provide the first piece of the puzzle, to inform and to inspire.”

Abbey's food journey

Abbey from thefoodpeople

Abbey has always been a keen cook but initially pursued studying to be an artist. On deciding that art school was not for her, she packed herself off to South America and then worked on a vegetable farm here in the UK as a “marrow lady”. Yes, really.

Throughout this time there had been many bouts of ill health due to an underlying medical condition – and after using food to make herself better, she finally decided to embark on a university course at the grand old age of 22, graduating 4 years later as a Registered Dietitian from King’s College London.

Knowing that clinical work was not for her, Abbey was thrilled to start working at The Food People, combining her creativity with her love of food and good nutrition.

In her spare time, Abbey maintains a blog about her health as well as her cooking adventures, and writes patient-perspective pieces for a charity magazine. Her pet peeve is nutritional nonsense, and she is on a mission to get the nation nutrition-savvy. Contrary to popular assumption, Abbey hates a salad and would much rather sit down to a curry or a roast dinner.

Amanda's food journey

Amanda from thefoodpeople

Amanda comes from a family who are extremely passionate about good food and home cooking, this has been passed down leading her to pursue a career with food. After completing a Food Marketing & Management degree she discovered her love for Innovation and New Product Development. She has 10 years experience working as a product developer across a number of businesses and categories from small suppliers to global retailers including Woolworths Australia and most recently at Tesco.

Amanda is a creative thinker and has a great vision for new opportunities and is always on the look out for new ideas.

Amanda has a special link to Australia as she is half Australian and will be heading up thefoodpeople business there for us!

Amy's food journey

Amy from thefoodpeople

Amy studied Hotel and Catering Management at university but rather than end up in the world of hotels, she found her way to the Catering graduate scheme at British Airways. It was here that she was really introduced to the foodie world by working with top chefs and a serious food enthusiast who helped to ignite the foodie flame in her and kept her on top of all food trends. Having worked across Club World, First Class and Concorde, Amy was ready for a new challenge and moved to work as a product developer at Sainsbury's, working across various departments. Now Amy is bringing her foodie flame and product developers experience to thefoodpeople.

Beth's food journey

Beth from thefoodpeople

Affectionately nicknamed ‘sausage’ from a young age, Beth has always enjoyed food. Consuming it, cooking it, talking about it or eagerly anticipating the next food trend, Beth is thrilled to enter into a foodie career. Having worked in an academic psychology field for many years she is turning her attention to food and utilising her research skills to uncover the ins and outs of the gastronomy world. Particularly interested in the interweaving of food, society and culture, Beth is fascinated by the drivers behind trends and she enjoys travelling to different places to indulge in regional specialities! When not doggedly pursuing the globe for delicious foods to excite her palate, Beth can be found in London. Eating.

Charlotte's food journey

Charlotte from thefoodpeople

Charlotte was brought up in the kitchen, trained by her Mother, a trained chef. From a young age Charlotte could be found experimenting in the kitchen, and her love of cooking led her to enter cooking competitions (and she even won a few!). Raised with a whisk in one hand and a pen in the other, following school Charlotte pursued her love of the written word and returned to her native home of Jersey, where worked in business development and marketing for a start up electronics company. She later returned to the UK, working at an add-on value food company, where she remained for 4 years, becoming part of their innovation development team. It was here that she rediscovered her love for food and experimenting in the kitchen! Now working for thefoodpeople, she gets to spend her days mixing her love of food with her love of writing, and she couldn’t be happier!

Emma's food journey

Emma from thefoodpeople

Emma's food journey started early, she can't remember a time when she wasn't reading about, cooking or eating good food! At school she won several awards for her cooking which led to catering college with stints in the kitchens of Raymond Blanc at Michelin-starred Le Manoir aux Quat'Saisons, The Savoy and The Carved Angel in Dartmouth. From there Emma went to work for Sainsbury's where she travelled the world researching food trends and literally eating her way through countries! Emma's role at thefoodpeople is as part of the foodwatching team researching global food trends.

Graham's food journey

Graham from thefoodpeople

Graham was adopted by thefoodpeople in 2007 to help with all things ICT related.
Graham's skills in technology began at the tender age of 7 when he was discovered on the kitchen floor with his mother's toaster in several pieces.
Graham loves food and always enjoys cooking for his family and friends, however he leaves the baking to his wife whose cupcakes are simply to die for! To burn off all the calories Graham enjoys climbing and walking and has travelled as far as the Himalayas in pursuit of a memorable mountain view.

Jenny's food journey

Jenny from thefoodpeople

Raised in an agricultural community, Jenny grew up in a world of fresh and seasonal food and home-cooked meals. Her first job was for Tinsley Foods, developing vegetable ready meals and sandwiches for Marks & Spencer. From there, she moved to Smedley’s, where she developed salads for the likes of Sainsbury's, Asda and Boots.

Next she joined Bakkavor where, as an NPD Manager, she helped establish a factory that supplied chilled ready meals to Waitrose. As R&D Manager, she met thefoodpeople and she has been writing for foodwatching and contributing to many more of our services since 2006.

Joanne's food journey

Joanne from thefoodpeople

Joanne's background is hotels - growing up in her parents seaside hotel and starting to work there from the age of 17, eventually taking it over. Now years later she has passed on that mantle and was looking forward to lazy days. But! having known Sarah for years Joanne was persuaded to come and run the office using her honed customer service skills to look after all our online subscribers!

John's food journey

John from thefoodpeople

John's love for food started initially with his love of eating. Quickly mastering this he moved on to the cooking bit.

After studying illustration and design at art school he naturally became a chef.

Moving back into the design world, over the next twenty years he built a reputation as an innovative and creative designer in all areas of print media, specialising in brand development, packaging design and advertising. Combining both his passion for food and his evangelical enthusiasm for great aesthetic and functional design, working with the Food People has proved to be his dream job.

As our illustrator it falls to John to add a visual twist to innovation workshops and the ideation capture process.

Kateline's food journey

Kateline from thefoodpeople

Growing up cooking with her mother, Kateline could only imagine a life centred around food and cooking. Studying a food science degree lead to Sainsbury’s where she developed ranges across fresh foods.

Starting a food blog reviewing new London restaurants and her own recipe exploits kept her up to date with all things foodie. Sticking to the kitchen, she began catering events from dinner parties to weddings and started a teaching cooking and baking classes.

Kateline’s career has taken her from the frontline of Michelin starred kitchens to global food service and back behind the scenes to see how food reaches our plates – as long as it’s about food she’s happy!

Kristina's food journey

Kristina from thefoodpeople

As a child Kristina was very picky and it wasn't until she left home that she truly started to appreciate the varieties of food. Ever since then food has constantly been on her mind!

Kristina grew up in Germany, Denmark and Italy. She travelled the world and got to know other cultures and national identities through the food she tasted on her way. Her roots are now planted in Denmark from where she reports on Scandinavian food trends.

Michelle's food journey

Michelle from thefoodpeople

Michelle has a passion for making, creating and baking. As well as working for thefoodpeople she also bakes cakes and pops and creates foodie themed greetings cards.

Coming from a background in customer services Michelle is our sales co-ordinator and will talk you through all our services and show you a brilliant on-line demonstration of our system.

Morgan's food journey

Morgan from thefoodpeople

Morgan was educated as a scholar at Broadwater Manor School and Brighton College, before attending St. Peter's College, Oxford with a Choral Scholarship to read for a BA in Music. Upon completion of his degree, Morgan moved to London in order to read for an MA in the Cultural and Creative Industries at King's College, University of London.
Thoughout his years of study, Morgan developed a deep-seated and insatiable love of culture, with a particular personal passion for food. Having been a vegetarian since a teenager, Morgan has always been keen to explore and adapt elements of global cuisines to practise cooking at home.
Having worked variously in consultancy, marketing and PR, Morgan worked as Managing Director for an international education company before starting his current role as Business Development Manager with thefoodpeople in 2015.

Olivia's food journey

Olivia from thefoodpeople

With chef parents Olivia's foodie upbringing meant she didn't stand a chance working in anything other than food, although she tried, studying Psychology to Masters level, but the draw of a foodie career proved too much and throughout her time at University Olivia poured her love of baking into writing a gluten free baking blog - Olivia was diagnosed Coeliac aged 10, missed cake so started baking!

Taking a break from studying Olivia travelled around S.E Asia, Australia and New Zealand and caught the travel bug! She is now back in London, revelling in the vibrant London foodie scene.

Rich's food journey

Rich from thefoodpeople

Creativity plays a big part in the make up of Rich’s personality and skillset. Whether it’s artistic, charitable or culinary creation, Rich is always eager to put his own flavour on things. With a degree in computer animation and as the founder of his very own registered children’s charity in Give 4 B.E.T.H., ideas and innovation are always at the forefront of Rich’s mind.

These ingredients are also what Rich brings to the table and his love of food. Being a keen cook at home for his family and friends, he’s always looking to create the next taste sensation and as the Head of Menuwatching he finds himself in prime position to do just that.

Tom's food journey

Tom from thefoodpeople

Coming from a sporting background, Tom has always had a close affinity with food - being that he has always eaten a lot of it! His personal cooking traits were honed in the early days at school where he reveled in after school cookery classes at 'Piglet's Pantry' before becoming a bit more food-savvy after moving to France at the age of 18 to pursue a professional sporting dream of road cycling.

Now living in London, Tom enjoys exploring new hangouts be it sipping coffee, devouring cake or testing the latest street food on offer!