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​Convenience and low waste are front of mind for many brands in the food and drink industry today, and it's along these lines that US baby food brand Little Roots is launching a new frozen bulb product...

Culinary Congress 2018 - Introducing Tom Aikens, Guest Chef

​Renowned British Chef Tom Aikens will be sharing his thoughts and ideas on the forever trend that is Modern British Cuisine as well as ethos behind Tom's Kitchen at the Culinary Congress London this June...

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Deliveroo Reveals Secret Menu Including Golden Lobster

British online food delivery company​, Deliveroo has revealed a number of secret menu​ items to be discovered, but it's up to you to find them...

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Asos Launch Sale of Retro Slush Puppie In Time For Heatwave

​It's time to get nostalgic, with a blast from the past on its way back to chill us out in time for summer as online retailer Asos adds Slush Puppie machines to its range of nostalgic kitchen gifts...

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thefoodpeople visit London Coffee Festival 2018

​We took ourselves off for a caffeine hit to London Coffee Festival to spot the latest trends in drinks and snacks, as well as how established trends are evolving...

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