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Bear Naked Allows Granola Lovers to Customise Their Blend

Bear Naked Custom Made Granola recently​ announced the addition of a fun feature to its direct-to-consumer platform, allowing fans to make the product their own...

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Stella Metsovas Launches New Cookbook, Wild Mediterranean, Focusing on Gut Health

Globally recognised clinical nutritionist, Stella Metsovas launches new cookbook ​with a twist, focusing on improving gut health...

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Tastykake Adds Crunch to Snack Time with New Kake Chips

​Snack cake brand Tastykake introduces Kake Chips in the U.S., a new product that combines the crunch of a chip with the sweetness of cake...

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More About Scott Drummond - Speaking at the Trends Event 2017

We have the pleasure of hosting Scott Drummond, co-founder of automated restaurant chain EATSA, speaking at our Trends Event about developing disruptive formats as well as the wider and growing use of technology in food. ...

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Nine-Seater London Sushi Bar Wins Third Michelin Star

The Araki in central London has recently been awarded its third Michelin star, becoming the first Japanese restaurant in the UK to do so...

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