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Exploring categorywatching - Halloween, Bonfire Night and Thanksgiving

Our latest categorywatching report is out, covering Halloween, Bonfire Night, and Thanksgiving. It identifies mega trends, takes a look at the influences on the category, future opportunities and breaks down each of the mega trends into sub-trends...

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thefoodpeople Visit Food Matters Live

We recently visited London's Food Matters Live exhibition, an event focusing on food, drink, health and nutrition, and the relationship between the four. Here we recap our thoughts from the event...

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thefoodpeople loves - our favourite places to eat and drink, November 2018

The latest from thefoodpeople loves... monthly insight into where we like to go, what we like to eat, the places where we like to drink, and more...

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Millennial Trends Driving Tomorrow's Dining Economy

Results from a new survey on millennial behaviours have shone a light on three key drivers that the generation have indicated will shape the restaurant sector of tomorrow...

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Uncovering the Best Celebrity-Owned Drinking and Dining Venues

‚ÄčAs Usain Bolt opens his first London restaurant, Tracks and Records in Shoreditch, we take a look at some of the best known celebrity owned bars and restaurants in the UK...

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