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Vegan Brand Perennial Debuts 'Healthy Ageing' Dairy-Free Drink

US brand Perennial, a vegan products brand championing living a full life after the age of 50, has debuted a dairy-free drink designed to promote healthy ageing. ...

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The Twix Meltdown - Add Some Twix to Your Coffee

Introducing the Twix Meltdown device ... doing exactly just that into your morning cup of coffee to give a new twist on your morning wake up...

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Introducing the Cuisines Fest 2019

We're delighted to invite you to the very first tfp #CuisineFest Online 24-28th June 2019 - five full days of immersive cuisine exploration...

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thefoodpeople loves - our favourite places to eat and drink, April 2019

Here's the latest thefoodpeople loves... for April, highlighting some of the best places we've been this past month...

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CBD Filters Through to American Fast Food

​CBD oil, and its uses for health benefits, has caused quite a stir over the past several months and this trend continue to take hold with the product now featuring in a recent limited edition burger at American fast food chain Carl's Jr. ...

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