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Pizza Hut Launches Vegan Cheese

​Vegan restaurants, vegan markets, vegan Ben & Jerry's ... the trend continues to gain speed and one of the UK's main fast food chains is the next to jump on the bandwagon as Pizza Hut launches its new vegan cheese...

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HOTSHOT Introduces Hot 'Grab and Go' Premium Hot Coffee in a Can

Innovative drinks company HOTSHOT is bringing hot canned coffee to caffeine deprived consumers after convenient coffee on the go...

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90Plus Cellars Launches Special Edition Napa Cabernet to Mark 150th Lot

90+ Cellars, one of the fastest growing wine companies in the U.S., recently announced the introduction of a limited release wine to mark the brand's 150th Lot — a significant milestone for a company that has never owned a vineyard, grown a single grape or taken on any major investment...

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Pop-Up Vegan Night Market Coming to London

​The vegan trend continues to show its head throughout society today and fans of the diet can now look forward to a vegan night market, coming to London this Thursday. ...

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New Lotus Biscoff Topped Bons Available at Cinnabon for a Limited Time

​Cinnabon has announced a brand new deliciously indulgent treat in partnership with Lotus Biscoff - cinnamon rolls meet Europe's iconic cookie...

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