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Exploring categorywatching - Fruit & Veg

Our latest categorywatching report is out, covering what's been happening in the world of fruit and vegetables. With so much movement in the category we wanted to pull out a couple of the most interesting take outs to share with you...

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Millenial Trends See Rise in Pink Rhubarb on the Menu

It's definitely aesthetically pleasing for Instagram and the millenials can't get enough of it, now pink rhubarb is making an appearance on London Restaurant menus...

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Sainsbury's Meat-Alternatives Sit Next to the Meat Counterpart

Sainsbury’s supermarket is set be the first in the UK to sell meat-alternatives next to the real version...

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Diet Coke's New Flavours

Two new Diet Coke flavours landed in America last month - did you see them?...

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Veganuary Highlights

We recently broke down what was what this year during Veganuary, including retail, events, restaurants and innovation...

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