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Cruelty-Free Fois Gras Is Coming

Looking out for the environment is a common theme in all walks of life today, and the French are taking this on board with their processes of developing fois-gras with a new cruelty-free method...

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Exploring categorywatching - Easter and Mother's Day

Our latest categorywatching report is out, taking a look at what caught our eye and made most of an impact over the recently Easter and Mother's Day celebrations. As usual, we've pulled together the most interesting take outs to share with you...

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Harry Potter-Inspired Brunch and Dinner Set for NYC

Having already toured Australia and Canada, a popular Harry Potter inspired pop-up brunch and dinner series is set to land in New York City later this year, titled The Wizard's Brunch...

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Cruise Ship Dining Goes Vegan as Oceania Cruises Launches New Vegan Menu

The world’s largest upper premium cruise line, Oceania Cruises has announced the addition of a new, creative vegan menu to be enjoyed by passengers aboard its cruise ships around the globe...

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Artesian at The Langham to Launch New Minimalist Cocktail Menu

​The Langham's award winning in-house bar, Artesian has announced a new minimalist cocktail menu which consists of drinks focused on just two ingredients...

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