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Exploring categorywatching - Fish & Seafood

Our latest categorywatching report is out, covering Fish & Seafood. It identifies 15 mega trends, takes a look at the influences on the category, future opportunities and breaks down each of the mega trends into sub-trends...

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El Bulli's Albert Adria Opens London Cake Shop

One of the world's best pastry chefs and creator of the now-closed, three-Michelin-starred Catalan restaurant El Bulli, Albert Adrià has opened his first permanent site outside of Spain - in London...

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Sainsbury's Becomes First UK Supermarket to Introduce Edible Insects

​With the launch of its new £1.50 range of edible insects, UK supermarket giant Sainsbury's has become the first in the country to stock edible insects, often branded the future of food...

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Natoora Launches Boutique Veg Store in London

Natoora, the prominent supplier of fruit and vegetables to London's chefs, has opened a new location in Fulham which breaks the mould of your atypical grocery store...

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'Single Use' Named as Word of the Year

Single-use, the term used to describe products that are manufactured to be used just once before being thrown away, has been named as Collins Dictionary's word of the year for 2018...

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