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Exploring categorywatching - Confectionery & Sweet Snacking

Our latest categorywatching report is out, covering all things sweet, or not so sweet as it may be, within Confectionary and Sweet Snacking. As usual, we've pulled together the most interesting take outs to share with you...

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Augmented Reality Cider Pairings

‚ÄčThe Angry Orchard Cider Company has recently launched an innovative Cider+Food App in America which uses augmented reality, AR, as a way to simplify the process of settling on the perfect cider pairing...

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Do Cauliflower Breakfast Cups Take Your Fancy

U.S. brand Purely Elizabeth is launching a grain-free hot cereal alternative which uses a base of diced, freeze-dried cauliflower...

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Ruby Chocolate is everywhere this Easter

‚ÄčIt's a trend we started reporting on back in 2017, and have tracked its rise from a niche flavour in baking, to what's not a high street trend making a big splash this Easter - Ruby Chocolate is on the shelves...

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Chapel Down Launches the World's First Pinot Noir Gin

Following previous releases Bacchus Gin and Chardonnay Vodka, English drinks producer Chapel Down has launched its latest blend, a world first with its new Pinot Noir Gin...

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