10 Signs You May Be a Foodie Groupie

Restaurant discovery app Urbanspoon today released the top 10 signs of the food obsessed super fan, which highlights common activities of super foodies. Do you talk about Bobby Flay as if you know him personally? Do you get instant alerts on your phone every time the hottest restaurant in town updates a social media site? If so, you may fall into the category of diehard foodie fan.

The top 10 signs you're a foodie groupie include:

  1. You have more pictures of food on your phone than of your own family. Let's face it, your dad, shirtless on vacation, will never be as photogenic as that delicious pasta special.
  2. Waiting in an hour(s)-long line to try a new restaurant. It takes real dedication to wait that long for food, just to have the satisfaction of being the first in your group to say you've tried the latest food du jour.
  3. You have a Sous-vide machine. Bonus points if you built it yourself.
  4. No hesitation pronouncing the latest obscure culinary term. Whether it is Macedoine, Txakoli, or Aiguillette, it rolls right off your tongue.
  5. Being on a first name basis with hosts at local hot spots. You can drop in without a reservation on a Saturday night and get a table in a breeze.
  6. You notice when people leave the "s" off of Brussels sprout. You're quick to point out the error to anyone who will listen too.
  7. Knowing exactly what foie gras is and how it's made. And liking it.
  8. Ability to name the winners from every season of Top Chef. You're not ashamed of it either.
  9. Spending more time photographing food than you do eating it. By the time you snap that perfect picture, your meal is too cold to enjoy anyway.
  10. Having a chef as your ultimate celebrity crush. Hello, Rocco DiSpirito.