2021 Trend Summit Speaker Profile 1 - Brian Spears

This November sees the 8th annual tfp Trend Summit take place with an exciting, growing roster of speakers and keynotes. Over the coming weeks we'll profile our guest speakers and to kick things off we're pleased to introduce Brian Spears, CEO and Founder of New Age Meats.

One of the biggest disruptive forces in food and drink is the dawn of cellular agriculture. Brian joins us in November to discuss the science and process, the need for, the current state of development, what consumer acceptance looks like, the future of ... and much more.

New Age Meats, based out of California, makes meat without animal slaughter using animal cells and plant ingredients instead. Brian, the company's founder, previously, he spent eight years as co-founder of Sixclear, creating software and products to automate the research labs and production environments of customers such as NASA, Cisco Systems, Sandia National Labs, and GE Healthcare. He is a chemical engineer with 12 years of industry experience in laboratory and industrial automation.

Find out more about New Age Meats on its website here.

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