3D Printed Edible QR Codes That Can Be Embedded In Your Food

Researchers at Osaka University in Japan have created an innovative new way to help consumers get info on the food they're consuming - with 3D-printed QR codes embedded in the food.

This new technique - called 'interiqr' - provides a hardly visible imprint onto the food to create a tag that can be scanned by the customer without damaging the food item itself.

The university researchers developed the technology using cookies on which they 3D printed patterns onto the cookie surface which can be scanned using a smartphone.

"Our 3D printing method is a great example of the digital transformation of foods, which we hope will improve food traceability and safety. This technology can also be used to provide novel food experiences through augmented reality," explained Kosuke Sato, senior author of the study at Osaka University.

The move allows the food's ingredients and provinence to be tracked right from source through the chain to the end consumer.