7-Eleven Releases Cold Brew Coffee Range in Innovative Self-Chilling Cans

Ever taken your drinks for a picnic or in the car but by the time you open them they're warm? American convenience store chain 7-Eleven has found the answer, with their new self-chilling cans serving up cold-brew coffee at the right temperature whenever you like.

The cans have been a long time in development, having been created by US packaging manufacturer The Joseph Company International over 25 years. They use CO2 to actively chill the beverage within, being activated by turning them upside down and twisting the base until CO2 is released to cool the can.

The Fizzics Sparkling Cold Brew Coffee range comes in three flavours, regular, French vanilla, and caramel, and all flavours are made with 100% Arabica beans and natural flavours.

Tim Cogil, 7-Eleven director of private brands said: "Because the self-chilling can technology is so groundbreaking, we wanted to introduce it with a super innovative beverage. Sparkling coffee sodas met all the criteria. Previously available in some coffee shops, a handful of exclusive canned carbonated brews began showing up last summer.

"Fizzics will be the first that can be chilled on demand, bringing a new level of convenience to customers who want to enjoy a chilled drink whenever and wherever they are."

Find out more about the company and technology behind the self-chilling can here.