7-Eleven Trials Cashierless Store

The cashierless store is currently being tested in the company's native state of Texas, where 7-Eleven employees are able to shop using a mobile app to gain access.

Having done so, the app then allows consumers to shop and creates a final receipt thanks to algorithms and predictive analytics, which monitor items taken and emails the customer a total upon exit.

The concept store offers much the same as you would find in any other of the chain's shops; groceries, pharmaceuticals, snacks, and additional household goods.

This latest trial is one of many initiatives which 7-Eleven have been putting into action in recent years, aiming to improve frictionless trade between shop and customer.

Success of the trial period shall be fed back and used to further refine the potential of these cashierless stores, where if given the go-ahead, they could begin to transform some of the 8,500 7-Elevens already in existence.