70-year-old Street Food Vendor in Bangkok Awarded Michelin Star

A popular street food noodle hotspot in Thailand, run by 70-year-old owner Jay Fai, has been awarded a Michelin star in the first ever Michelin guide for Bangkok.

Raan Jay Fai - the only street food spot to get a star in the 2018 Michelin guide for Bangkok - is a fast, spicy and delicious street food style spot that's famous for fiery noodles, a deep crab curry and a delicious crab omelette, as well as it's hardworking owner. You will still find her handling the huge woks at her restaurant, wearing her trademark goggles that protect her eyes from the huge flames as she prepared dish after dish.

The street food spot, a taxi driver favourite, is also known as Bangkok's most expensive street food spot, where certain dishes reach $20 - high for the local average but cheap for the chance to try some Michelin starred grub.

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