90s Nostalgia Trend - 90s Themed Boozy Brunch Coming to London

The 90s are back. Could millennial be the most nostalgic generation of all time? It certainly seems that way. We're seeing a wave of nostalgia for the 1990s played out in fashion, beauty, TV, film and now food and drink! This is a topic we recently covered in an April foodwatching report, and so when we saw this new 90s themed bottomless brunch we reconfirmed out thoughts.

Little Nan's Fitzrovia Kitchen & Bar is hosting London's latest bottomless brunch for those wanting to get tipsy to 90s tunes. The brunch includes bottomless teapots of bucks fizz, bloody mary's, prosecco, Queen Pat Butcher cocktails - spiced rum, grenadine, fresh lemon juice and bitter lemon, First Lady Windsor cocktail - white rum, vodka, coconut rum, grenadine, lime, pineapple juice, orange juice and cranberry, and the Duchess Kate Teapot Cocktail - vodka, Licor 43, spiced rum, lime juice and cranberry.

We look at the brands, themes and people getting on board for a throwback to the 90s in our recent foodwatching report. Read what we found that's trendy right now in our report here. Or find out more about Little Nans over on the company website.