A Breakfast Revolution

In the 1950s and 1960s, the UK's Egg Marketing Board had an iconic strapline, "Go to work on an egg." In recent years, however, eating a 'proper' brekkie at home became less and less prevalent - with 'on the go' breakfast solutions the norm for many.

That was until lockdown hit, though, which has heralded a renaissance in home-cooked breakfasts across many parts of the globe. Now we are seeing proper home cooked breakfast - think boiled eggs, overnight oats, fry-ups, pancakes and breakfast burritos - replacing a hastily grabbed croissant on the way to the office.

And is it not just 'in home' that has had a revolution, 'out of home' breakfast offers have shifted as well. As hospitality custom dried up (breakfasts outside the home fell by 73%), home delivery, breakfast kits and easy to takeaway solutions sprang up almost overnight.

As cafés and restaurants start to welcome sitdown customers again and the world readjusts to working from home, we take a look at how the breakfast has been shaken up by the global pandemic and some of the new (and persisting trends) that are shaping our morning meal.

Treat Yourself

With people having a bit more time in the morning home-cooked staples became the norm for many with pancakes, waffles, eggs and more proving popular. But, it was not just what was eaten it was the amount and time that it was eaten as well. There was a shift towards many eating breakfasts much later in the day often consuming many more calories than before lockdown.

Fry Ups

With many looking for food as a way of comfort during lockdown, one popular breakfast was the good ol' fry up. Breakfast sausage sales were up over 6% compared to the same time in the previous year - and while the incidence of fry ups have tailed off a little, it is still a choice for many. In addition, as the quest for healthier breakfast continues, the popularity of the plant-based fry-up is sizzling.

Flat Packed

One breakfast / brunch trend that has dominated social media recently has been the one-pan toast, aka one pan egg toast. Whatever you call it, Tik Tok and Instagram videos of this dish have been dominant on feeds this lockdown. Essentially, it is a cross between an omelette, French toast and a fried egg sandwich. In all honesty, it is best to watch a video for a better explanation.

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