A flavour of 2013 - what's to come?

Trend setting cuisines, global hot spots, ingredients, chefs and restaurants….want to know what’s coming in 2013? Here’s a clue…..

For cuisines think South America, Scandinavia, Japanese and French. Heard it all before? Maybe not, we’re not just talking about the obvious – think of techniques, styles of eating and influences from the country’s history. Remember to look forward; you often have to look back. These countries and many more will be featured a lot in the coming year.

What about ingredients? Itching to know what to include in the next review? As well as posh eggs, octopus and bi-catch fish, think of serious meats – aged steak, big cuts and goat. We mentioned about looking back to look forward – this is the year of the Heriveg (that’s veg with heritage!), plus delicate flavours such as pollen, wild flowers and hibiscus. Herbs and spices feature – again many ‘forgotten’ flavours are around to enhance the familiar. We can’t pass by without a nod to the good old grains – it’s going to an even bigger year for these nutty characters.

Chefs, chefs and more chefs. From Britain to The Americas, through Europe and Asia to the Australias, names to watch include Luke Thomas (Sanctum, Berks); Bruce Sherman (North Pond, Chicago); Ferran and Albert Adria (Peruvian, Japanese and Mexican all opening 2013); Seiji Yamamoto (Ryugin, Japan); Peter Gilmore (Quay, Sydney) plus many, many more……

If this has whet your appetite and you’d like to know more, please contact us at helpme@thefoodpeople.co.uk to be inspired even further.