A kettle for perfect tea by Capresso

The weather outside may be frightful, but tea lovers can enjoy something delightful with the Capresso teaC100 electric water kettle. Whether it's green, white, oolong or black tea, this water kettle will brew it to the ideal temperature.

This fast, energy efficient water kettle includes five easy-to-read temperature settings, ranging from 100 degrees to 212 degrees F, conveniently labelled with the type of tea recommended for each temperature, making tea preparation quick and simple. Additionally, the teaC100 can warm water for French press coffee, instant hot chocolate, hot toddy recipes, or simply keeping water warm.

Designed to heat the water quickly, the stainless steel heating element boils water in half the time as a traditional stovetop kettle – saving time and energy.

The sturdy glass pitcher is made with German SCHOTT-Duran glass for maximum beauty and durability. It can be removed from the base for easy cordless left- or right-handed pouring. The kettle's comfortable cool-touch handle features a slip-free coating for safe pouring.

With its 48-ounce (6 cup) capacity, this stylish cordless water kettle is not only the perfect choice for preparing water for tea, but also a great way to heat water for a variety of foods from instant soup and oatmeal to rehydrating dried mushrooms.

The teaC100 also features safety auto shut-off, illuminated power switch, and drip-free pouring designed for maximum safety and minimal clean up.