ABRA KEBABRA, a night of kebabs and cocktails in East London

Abra Kebabra is a one-day kebab themed extravaganza taking place on Saturday 1st August at east London's favourite venue, MC Motors (indoor and outdoor space). A collaboration between Ruby's Cocktail Bar and Lucky Chip brings together 5 of London's BBQ kings as well as a plethora of music, booze and entertainment.

Kebabs will be knocked up by Mangal 1, Lucky Chip, Neil Rankin (Smokehouse), Carl Clarke (Chick'n Sours) and Berber & Q. Lucky Chip Soundsystem will provide the musical backdrop and there'll be a dedicated wine bar to match you shish with your Shiraz. It's a day-through-to-night event with doors opening at 3pm and coals being extinguished at 11pm.

So for your £25 you'll get....

One of these kebabs each; (they're more half kebabs than full size, we don't want to be responsible for an NHS crisis!)

Lucky Chip -Charred confit lamb shoulder, BBQ sauce, feta cheese, olives, sale and garlic sauce - open or wrapped?

Carl Clark - Herb fed Szechuan chicken skewers, spring onions, pickled chilli's, sesame and pickled watermelon salad

Neil Rankin - Smoked brisket and fattoush flat bread wrap with chilli and garlic sauce

Mangal 1 - Lamb kofte wrap, salad, sumac, chilli

Berber & Q - Chicken thigh shawarma, green chilli ketchup, tahini, bread and butter pickle

+ A Camden Town beer + A Ruby's Havana Club Turkitho (before 6pm)

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