AI Neural Network's Unique Recipes

Artificial Intelligence blogger Janelle Shane has been facing an uphill battle in pursuit of teaching neural networks how to create dishes from scratch, often turning their familiar teachings into alien creations beyond imagination.

Though there has been much excitement regarding GPT-2, the leading neural network in regards to training and memory, there is still a fundamental lack of understanding when it comes to combining ingredients.

For example, having been given a huge amount of information, the neural network Shane was training, produced the interestingly titled 'Chocolate Baked and Serves' which features an entire cup of horseradish within an otherwise normal brownie mix.

The cooking directions for this dish became even more bizarre: "Spread over grease and make a gently pan mixture with 1 several hours, turning and boil on high until the mixture is completely golden..."

It goes further still and produces an incredible crescendo of the bizarre: "Transfer the short that opan and golden brown. Release the chocolate accompaniments and cool the prepared pastry tuna. Add the shrimp to the sugar brownie cubes, oil, salt and butter in a small bowl. Combine the squid ingredients. Bring to a boil over low heat to 375 deg F. With the liver), slice them to kitchen pire and add chicken broth."

The work of Shane is somewhat of a reality check for many who have been fervently touting the potential of AI within the kitchen, perhaps demonstrating how, for now at least, its potential is most suited to more menial tasks.