Alain Ducasse Opens Vegan Burger Kiosk In Paris

Globally renowned Michelin starred chef Alain Ducasse has opened a vegan burger kiosk in the French capital, called Burgal, serving plant-based patties made of zucchini, parsnips, carrots, lentils, onion and quinoa. The new pop-up which opened in April takes its name from the combination of burger and vegetal, and will run through until the end of June.

The venue is the latest is Ducasse's extensive roster of restaurants and eateries around the world, one of many that champions meat-free cooking, and offers the first vegan burger of his entire restaurant group. Burgal offers burgers that are made entirely from vegetable components, served on a vegan bun and topped with aubergine caviar, spicy vegan mayo and pickles.

Ducasse is said to be considering adding the vegan burger to a number of his other restaurants should it prove a success in Paris.

Find out more about the new hotspot here. Image credit - Burgal Instagram.