Alcohol-Free Spirits Brand SENTIA Is Set To Launch Beer And Wine Lines

Drinks brand SENTIA, described as offering a new generation of mood enhancing Spirits thanks to a complex botanicals and a rich sensory experience, has announced plans to release a beer and wine.

Unlike other no and low alcohol brand, SENTIA looks to mimic the taste of alcohol and in doing so effectively making the brain think that you've consumed alcohol. The result is the feeling of intoxication but without the actual effects.

Behind the brand is Hertfordshire-based GABA Labs and co-founder Professor David Nutt who leads a team of pioneering scientists who are working to develop new functional ingredients designed to give social drinkers what they want from alcohol, but without the alcohol.

The new drinks include an alcohol-free beer and sparkling wine, set to launch this year. These will join the current range of spirits that includes SENTIA Red - designed for relaxation and intimate moments; and SENTIA Black - designed for engaging conversations and party starters.

Find out more about the SENTIA brand here.