Aldi Launches Lower Calorie Wines

Earlier this month, supermarket chain Aldi launched a new range or wines, offering a lower calorie count as well as a reduced alcohol percentage, with its new Featherweight range. The four new wines feature a White Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, and a Merlot, each costing just £2.99.

Whether a reduced alcohol percentage - down to just 5.5% - is seen as a positive or a negative is open for discussion, but the move towards a healthier wine with less calories is a step in line with the on-going trend to make healthier options for everyday products on shop shelves. To give you an example of the difference, a 125ml glass of Aldi's new Pinot Grigio contains just 55 calories, while a standard glass has nearly double that, at 104.

Low ABV drinks was a trend featured at the Tales of the Cocktail conference this July in New Orleans. Find out more in a recent drinkswatching report over on our trendhub here. Not yet a subscriber? Get in contact today!