All Aboard The Breadmobile

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced a tumultuous period upon all corners of the food and drinks industry, seeing plenty of businesses seek to innovate as a way of surviving the effects of lockdown, hopefully securing their future for a post-COVID world.

One such example is that of Dalston favourites Dusty Knuckle, the bakery which has thought hard about what survival looks like for them, turning to an old milk float in order to keep themselves in business and loyal fans supplied with delicious baked goods.

The Breadmobile is fast becoming a familiar sight upon the streets of North-East London, where Dusty Knuckle shuttle around their treats during the week, direct to customers who would otherwise be missing out due to lockdown.

Everything you would normally expect from the bakery is on offer by The Breadmobile too; pastries, sausage rolls, sourdough bread, coffee, eggs, cheese and much more still.

Officially, their delivery zones are based on where they know they have got demand, though If the delivery business goes well then they will definitely look to extend the delivery zones.

Order today via their website.