Alpro Launches 'Plant-Based Bucket' To Celebrate Plant Power Day

Food and drink giant Alpro this March launched a new fast-food takeaway 'Plant-Based Bucket' to celebrate Plant Power Day on 7th March. Available to consumers on Deliveroo customers in London and Manchester for a limited time.

On the day Alpro's so called head of Plant Power, Stephanie Balsom-Eynon, said: "We're launching 'PBB' to show the nation what's possible using the amazing power of plants. We've used a tasty mix of mushrooms and Alpro Almond Unsweetened drink to make the 'nuggets', and the sweet potato fries are the perfect blend of fluffy and crispy."

"We've always said that the future of food is plant-based, because this way of eating is good for people, and good for the planet – and now, thanks to Alpro, plant-based could be the future for takeaways too. For us, it's even more exciting to bring this 'world first' to life on Plant Power Day, because we created this day to encourage people to add more plants to their plates and see how tasty and exciting easy it can be. Hopefully, in launching PBB, we will inspire even the most carnivorous Deliveroo customers to give plant-based eating a try – on Plant Power Day, and beyond."

Find out more about the Alpro brand and its plant based mission on its website.