Alternative to fish as a source for omega-3 is launched

NBO3 Technologies' 10 years of research and development means consumers soon will be able to get the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids from the company's new GreatO Premium Beef, Premium Chicken, Premium Pork (and bacon), as well as Premium Dairy (milk, butter and cream) products.

In the next few weeks, the company will introduce its GreatO Premium Meats, initially with its first to market GreatO Premium Ground Beef product in selected grocers, followed by an intensive, region-by-region roll out in 2013.

GreatO is the first and only USDA labelled ground beef product naturally abundant in omega-3 fatty acids.  How do they do this?  - by feeding the animals with food high in omega3. So it’s good all round. The result is a delicious, tender beef, with all the flavour and high-quality protein many crave.

As a comparison, cattle which are grass-fed yield beef with 70mg of omega-3 per 4oz serving. GreatO meat contains 200mg for the same portion size.

NBO3's Efficient "farm-to-fork" Supply Chain System

NBO3's regionally based supply chain system consists of their branded products—GreatO3 Premium Feed and GreatO Premium Food products. The majority of validating research was conducted in conjunction with Kansas State University, which is known for its expertise in beef cattle nutrition.

The entire "farm-to-fork" supply chain system is composed of exclusive and selected manufacturers for the production of the GreatO3 Premium Feed product; a network of regional dairies, calf ranches, growers and feed yards to supply animals to the process; regional packers and processors to harvest and manufacture products that will be marketed regionally; and, finally, grocers and restaurateurs to deliver the product to the consumer.