American Heritage Historic Chocolate

Mars Chocolate North America announced it will debut an expanded collection of American Heritage Chocolate products—now including four different formats—available in colonial-inspired, commemorative packaging.  American Heritage Chocolate is an authentic historic line of products—based on a recipe from the 1750s—that celebrates chocolate’s important role in the lives of Americans during the 18th century.

The chocolate is the result of a unique combination of Mars chocolate-making expertise combined with Mars historical knowledge and is now available in four formats for drinking, baking or eating:

  1. Chocolate Sticks: Individually-wrapped single serving chocolate sticks
  2. Chocolate Bites: Individually-wrapped, bite-size chocolates in a keepsake muslin bag
  3. Chocolate Blocks: Two chocolate blocks, perfect for grating, chunking, shaving or baking
  4. Finely Grated Chocolate Drink: Re-sealable canister filled with a bag of finely grated chocolate for drinking or baking

“Chocolate has been woven through the fabric of American culture for centuries and American Heritage Chocolate allows chocolate lovers and history buffs alike to enjoy chocolate as our founding fathers would have—as a drink,” said Rodney Snyder, Chocolate History Research Director, Mars Chocolate North America. “The new American Heritage Chocolate commemorative packaging lets consumers take a piece of living history home and features a ‘window of time’ emblem highlighting the colonial time period the line represents.”

American Heritage Chocolate continues to expand its distribution at living history partner sites across the United States and Canada and the product is currently available for sale at over 130 sites such as Colonial Williamsburg, Mount Vernon, Monticello, The National Archives and Parks Canada. Retail information is available at