Americans Equate Champagne With A More Fulfilling Life

Champagne still reigns supreme for New Year's Eve, but according to a new survey by Wakefield Research for Moet & Chandon – the official champagne of New Year's Eve in Times Square – Americans want to celebrate with a bottle of champagne for more than just the start of 2015. While 58% of Americans, and even more Millenials (76%), are likely to celebrate New Year's Eve with a champagne toast this year, The Moet & Chandon Champagne Life Survey reveals that Americans celebrate life's moments year round with a stylish choice, champagne!

"Moet & Chandon is the world's most beloved champagne with one bottle opened every second somewhere in the world," says Thomas Bouleuc, Vice President, Moet & Chandon US. "It's a great honor for Moet to be the Official Champagne of New Year's Eve in Times Square, helping to unite millions of people and create memories for one of the most memorable times of the year. We are also thrilled to learn that Americans increasingly aspire to celebrate and elevate moments that matter to them, whether a big milestone, a small achievement or inspiring experiences with people they love, with champagne."

According to The Moet & Chandon Champagne Life Survey, 77% of Americans believe life would change and be more fulfilling if they lived each day as if it were New Year's Eve. This includes having less stress in life (35%), being happier (29%), and focusing more on the small things (25%). What are the moments in life that need a champagne toast?

  • Aside from New Year's Eve, 65% of Americans feel a lot of special moments in life deserve to be celebrated with champagne. This includes checking an item off of their bucket list (25%), losing 10 pounds (23%), or a family member or friend announcing a pregnancy (21%).
  • And there's more that Americans want to celebrate. Aside from a New Year's Eve party – Americans feel a housewarming party (36%), the first night of a vacation (31%), and a girls' or guys' night out (20%) should be celebrated with a bottle of champagne.
  • Best of 2014. Favorite inspiring moments tend to be deeply personal. Celebrating a personal milestone or achievement (22%) tops the list of Americans' favorite moments of 2014, followed by taking a trip or vacation (19%), and experiencing an intimate moment with a loved one (14%).

With New Year's Eve and the most iconic toast of the year quickly approaching, The Moet & Chandon Champagne Life Survey also unveiled how American's will be celebrating the holiday this year:

  • Champagne Casual. Celebrating life's many joys means you don't need to stress about dressing up all the time. Nearly half (48%) of Americans plan to wear jeans and a T-shirt on New Year's Eve. 28% will dress even more casually, wearing pajamas to ring in the New Year.
  • Here's to You. The attire may be informal, but some NYE traditions remain strong. 42% are most likely to toast to family this New Year's, followed by health (28%), and love (14%).
  • New Year's Eavesdropping. Does what you toast on New Year's Eve say something about who you really are? If so, Americans would most like to listen in on a talented toaster with historical relevance, specifically a famous historical figure (50%). But eavesdropping on a New Year's Eve toast by the currently famous would be fun too, including a celebrity crush (17%), and the President (15%).

And, what about New Year's resolutions:

  • High Tech Resolutions. It's no secret, technology can be a distraction. Americans' top tech resolutions for 2015 include; spending less time on social media (18%), watching less reality TV (14%), and texting less, calling more (13%). Ironically, Millennials appear to be even more dedicated to kicking their digital habits – with 34% considering a 2015 resolution to spend less time on social media.
  • Hello, Guilty Pleasures. Why set yourself up for failure with a doomed New Year's resolution year after year? If Americans could do away with one of the more typical New Year's resolutions – working out more (27%) tops the list, followed by getting a new job (27%), and eating healthier (19%). Again, Millennials show their generation's unique perspective with this question. Among Millennials, saving money (27%) tops the list of New Year's resolutions they would most like to toast goodbye to this year.

As the official champagne of New Year's Eve in Times Square, Moet & Chandon will honour 2014 by giving the Official Toast of the night, seen by more than 1 million spectators on 7 giant video screens including the one atop One Times Square, directly below the New Year's Eve Ball. Whether big or small, Moet looks forward to raising a glass of champagne to celebrate the most inspiring moments of this year, as well as those to come in 2015.