An Oreo Cafe Opens in New Jersey

On hearing the news that Oreo has opened what's it's calling its "first-ever café", we asked ourselves why this has never been done before! New to the American Dream complex at the Meadowlands Sports Complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey, is the spot where visitors can shop Oreo gear and goodies, as well as made-to-order Oreo treats from this quick serve café.

The menu at the simply named Oreo Cafe is broken down into three sections - "Oreo Desserts" where there are three takes on classic dessert items: cheesecake, waffle sundae and a brownie sundae. The "Drinks" section includes an Oreo-filled smoothie and cold brew alongside basics like coffee and tea. Then also a "Twist Your Oreo" option from which customers can make their own, starting with a base of either waffle, ice cream sandwich, cone, or milkshake and then topping this off with a long list of Oreo-inspired toppings.

On announcing the new cafe, Oreo describe it as "a new, immersive and personalised way for all fans and cookie lovers to experience OREO in person!" Find out more about the brand on their website here.