An Update From The TFP Foundation

thefoodpeople co-founder Charles Banks shares an update on the TFP Foundation and its partners from over the past months - a busy few months of activity.

Well, what a busy few months we've had at the TFP Foundation! In March we launched the latest iteration of our e-book – 18 Years in Trends, and we've already sold 275 copies which is great start - all of the proceeds of which go directly to Chefs in Schools. Get your copy here.

Our TFP Foundation Partner, Chefs in Schools has had an equally exciting start to 2024 and is now in 84 schools, reaching over 36,000 children every school day. This means a whopping 4,878,573 Chefs in Schools influenced meals have been served this year to date – incredible work.

In other news….

School Chef Educator Training programme

The Graduation day for school chefs in Devon who completed their training was held at Riverford Field Kitchen on 15th May, this coincided with the launch of the official partnership with Riverford. The team received some great local news press coverage, which you can watch here. Other graduation events have taken place in Southwark and Hull too with great feedback from participating chefs.

BBC Radio 4 – The Fight to Improve School Food in 2024

School Food and Chefs in Schools were the feature of the BBC Radio 4's Food Programme with Sheila Dillon – a whole programme devoted to unpacking the challenges and opportunities with school food and the incredible work of Chefs in Schools – catch it here, it's a worthwhile listen.

Chefs in Schools Fundraising Dinner

It was a great pleasure for Charles, Wayne and guests to join 'A Feast to Fuel the Future' - an elegant twist on a school dinner - cooked by Skye Gyngell, Jeremy Lee & Thomasina Miers, to raise vital funds for Chefs in Schools.

Chefs In Schools Dinner

The event, hosted by Henry Dimbleby and Alexandra Armstrong, raised over £300,000 in funding to support the next stage of growth for Chefs in Schools, a huge, heartfelt thank you to all those that supported.

Find out more about the TFP Foundation here.