An Update On The TFP Foundation

As we start to approach the mid-point in the year it's a good time to share an update on what the TFP Foundation and charity partners have been up to. Back in November 2020 we launched the TFP Foundation as a charitable embodiment of our purpose - to use food as a force for good by supporting food, health and education in children and young people. This foundation allows us to support Chefs In Schools, a UK charity working to transform school food and food education, as well as The Food Foundation, a charity changing food policy and business practice to ensure everyone, across our nations, can afford and access a healthy diet.

In March, Chefs In Schools launched their first ever cookbook - Feed Your Family - which celebrates the great food being served up in schools. Proceeds of every book sale go directly towards the important work they do to improve child health through school food, in areas where it's needed most. Charles and Wayne were lucky enough to attend the launch of this amazing book - and you too can get yours, like over 2,000 others and counting. Order your copy here.

This month we were also invited to deliver a keynote at the Future of Food & Drink Cornwall conference where we extended our invite to Chefs In Schools to come along after Food & Drink Cornwall had bought all of the delegates a copy of our E-Book, of which all the proceeds go to the charity. With Chefs In Schools having recently established themselves in the South West and Cornwall, we thought it would be a great opportunity to have someone there so that we could talk about the TFP Foundation and Chefs In Schools in person, and to have someone there to tell the Chefs In Schools story first hand.

Talking of our E-Books, we launched 16 Years In Food & Beverage Trends earlier this year and have already sold over 210 copies. What's more, we've received huge support and great reviews from influencers and opinion formers from across the food and drink spectrum. Find out more about the E-Book and how to get your copy here.

So far, The TFP Foundation has donated over £54,000 to Chefs In Schools and The Food Foundation through a combination of our E-Book sales and our commitment to donate 1% of our revenue and our one-off donations too. It's hugely rewarding but there's always more we can do.

Through the TFP Foundation we donate 1p in every £1 of revenue, we give content, time and run specific fund raising projects, as well as bringing the power of thefoodpeople community, to ensure that we shift food provision and food education for future generations by partnering with aligned charities.

How's the funding having an impact?

Chefs In Schools are now operating in 58 schools across the UK and reaching 22,000 kids each and every day, with a target of being in 100 schools by the end of the year. There's lots still to be done, but with momentum building and more activity planned over the coming months everything is possible.

Secondly, Chefs In Schools are actively working to engage schools in the South West of England, from the charity's new regional base down in Cornwall - one of the UK's most deprived counties.

Finally, back in the summer of last year we partnered up with footballer and campaigner Marcus Rashford together with The Food Foundation to support the fight to alleviate child food poverty by funding the production of a film. Find out more about the film in the video below.

On behalf of the whole tfp team, as well as Chefs In Schools and The Food Foundation, we wish all of our community a huge thank you for your support in buying our E-Books and subscribing to our trends and foresight services. These actions allow us to continue to support and work with our charity partners to shift the future of food, health and education for future generations.