Andrew Wong and Albert Adria Hosting Special Dim Sum Dinners This Weekend

Andrew Wong of the two Michelin-starred eponymous A Wong welcomes El Bulli's culinary innovator Albert Adrià to his restaurant for two special Dim Sum dinners today and tomorrow.

The exclusive collaboration will see the pair deep dive into Chinese dim sum, a tradition known for its precision and craftsmanship and will take place this Friday 7th July and Saturday 8th July.

Wong is already a pioneer of Chinese cuisine, adding a twist to his first hand experiences of cooking in China. Whilst Adrià, from Catalonia, has helped to revolutionise gastronomy with his brother Ferran as they built El Bulli up to become the world's best restaurant.

Reservations are limited and are available at £300 per person, with just one sitting per evening. Visit the A Wong restaurant here.