Arla Trials New Bumpy Food Expiration Label

Dairy food company Arla is to test innovative food labels that turn bumpy when products have gone off, with the labels deteriorating at the same rate as the foods contained within.

The brand is working alongside foodtech start-up Mimica Touch to testing the new labels on a range of dairy products. The gelatine-based gel label works by deteriorating at the same rate as the food within, developing bumps which allow the consumer to see and feel if the food is safe to eat or not.

Food waste has become a growing issue, with the average UK household throwing away nearly £500 of food per year. The new packaging design is aimed at tackling this waste and making the consumer more aware of the life of perishable foods.

A representative from Arla said: "Our first step is to test consumer feedback on the product but we are excited by the possibility Mimica labels might bring in reducing food waste by giving a far more accurate indicatio n of product expiration than date labels."

Find out more about the Arla Foods brand over on the company website.

Photo: Arla Foods UK