Asda Open Refill Station To Improve Sustainability

The store in Middleton will offer a range of familiar names such as Kellog's and PG Tips, as well as Asda's range of own brand goods, including coffee, rice and pasta.

Much like decades gone by, the customer simply chooses their desired container for maximum ease, then refills with the exact quantity required before then weighing the goods ahead of paying.

The branch at Middleton will run the trial for three months, after which it shall assess the feedback from customers and look at potentially rolling out the programme on a larger scale.

Asda chief executive Roger Burnley said: "We're on an ongoing quest to remove and reduce the amount of plastic in our business and to find new ways to help our customers to reuse and refill our products. Over the coming weeks and months, we will be testing and learning from the customers in Middleton to understand how we can reduce our environmental impacts whilst still maintaining the great service and quality our customers demand."