Asos Launch Sale of Retro Slush Puppie In Time For Heatwave

It's time to get nostalgic, with a blast from the past on its way back to chill us out in time for summer - and just ahead of the impending mini heatwave in the UK. Slush Puppie machines are back, as online retailer Asos adds a £60 machine to its range of nostalgic kitchen gifts.

Red, green, blue, or a mixture. Which was your flavour? You can revisit all three now thanks to the return of the iconic crushed ice and syrup drinks machine, if you manage to get your hands on one.

Founded back in 1974, Slush Puppies bring freezing memories of cinema drinks flooding back, and colour-stained tongues being waggled around showing which flavour you'd drank. The machine is just one of several retro items that asos list online, cashing in on a growing consumer love of anything nostalgic.

The launch falls timely with our latest drinkswatching report on 'Back to the 90s', taking a look at the drinks and items making a comeback of late - which Slush Puppie looks like it's set to do just in time for the warm weather. Read the full nostalgic drinkswatching report over on our trendhub here.