Aussie Startup Liven To Launch Bar and Restaurant Cryptocurrency

Australian startup Liven, who specialise in dining rewards-based payments, is set to join the cryptocurrency bandwagon with its new LivenCoin. The currency, using the Liven App, will allow consumers to purchase food and drink at 700 participating restaurants and bars using their cryptocurrency.

The app was founded in 2014 by brother-sister duo, William and Grace Wong, together with engineer Dr David Ballerini, and allows 180,000 users to be credited with 15% to 25% of their bar and restaurant bills, which can then be spent on their next outing or donated to charity.

In March, the Fintech company launched the pre-sale of an initial coin offering, while non-investors can earn their LivenCoins when eating out and using the updated platform which launches later this year. LivenCoins will be able to be spent at partner restaurants, which include 8Bit Burgers, Poke Bowl, Roll'd,, Mad Mex, Massi, Nandos and more.