Aussies Vote On Next Tim Tam Flavour

Australians were this month month asked to vote for their preferred Tim Tam flavour to be added to the range from July from two delicious sounding options - Tim Tam Dark Choc Espresso Martini and Tim Tam Butterscotch and Cream. Spoiler - the winner is at the bottom of the article!

The event, which is now an annual occasion - with Dark Chocolate Banoffee narrowly edging out Caramelised Pineapple in 2021 - gets the nation involved in the decision making. The potential new Tim Tam Dark Choc Espresso Martini features espresso and vodka flavoured cream between two biscuits, all coated in dark chocolate. While Tim Tam Butterscotch and Cream contains brown sugar and toffee flavours paired with butterscotch cream and covered with milk chocolate.

Rebecca Chan, Arnott's senior brand manage said of the annual poll: "We know how passionate Australians are about Tim Tams and we love giving them the opportunity to choose a new flavour each year.

"The two flavour contenders are certainly our most indulgent so far, bringing an espresso martini into mouth-watering biscuit form, with the ultra decadent Butterscotch and Cream alongside as a fierce contender. We can't wait to see how many get voting this year and which flavour takes the winning title – Aussies might struggle to make a decision!"

The voting took place up until 10th April with the winner announced soon after ... Tim Tam Butterscotch and Cream!

Find out more about Arnott's, the brand behind the infamous Tim Tams, here.