Austin-Based Functional Food Start-up Power Up Foods Launches Caffeinated Cookies

Austin-based functional food start-up Power Up Foods is expanding its retail presence with the introduction of its new Caffeinated Cookies which will hit Erewhon and Urban Outfitters stores in the US this January.

The gluten-free, plant-based baked snacks come in two leading flavours, chocolate chip coconut cookies and double chocolate brownies, as well as limited edition and seasonal flavours too including pumpkin spice cookies and peppermint brownies. The brownies and cookies are given their caffeine kick thanks to the addition of green tea caffeine, providing sustained energy without the jiggers or crash, with each single-serve pack delivering as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.

"A few years ago, I was downing cup after cup of coffee for energy but didn't like the taste or jitters," explains founder Ilene Chen. "I made the switch to green tea and learned the benefits of l-theanine when combined with caffeine. I'm a huge snacker, so I started making snacks with green tea caffeine to fuel me through busy work days. Fast forward a few years and hundreds of recipes later, PUFs was born!"

Find out more about the Power Up Foods brand here.