Australian Chain Coles Dishes Up New Meals

With the global effects of COVID-19 being visible throughout the world of food and drink, it is of little surprise to see supermarket chain Coles seek to make the most of the growing trend for at home dining.

Given that the familiarity of pubs, cafes and restaurants still seems some time away, Coles has introduced a brand new range of premium ready meals, hoping that consumers will turn to their dishes in the absence of traditional dining opportunities.

Coles Kitchen is a 34 strong selection of prepared meals, which shall sit alongside the already established likes of Coles Finest & Nature's Kitchen. The ambition is to replicate restaurant quality food for its customers, with Coles eager to stress that these meals are only fast food in the sense of time saving, not their contents.

The recent expansion of the Coles prepared range has seen a diverse range of cuisines featured, including Italian and Indian, as well as some more traditional home style dishes.

Coles have confirmed that by November 2020, in excess of 220 of their stores shall feature a 'Food To Go' department, specially for this growing range of goods.