Australian Grocery Chain Harris Farm Markets Removes All Artificial Colours From Products On Shelf

Australian grocery chain Harris Farm Markets has made the step to remove all artificial colours from within the food and drink products on its shelves - an Aussie first - as part of its Coloured By Nature campaign.

The move has taken over five years to finally put into full effect but this February it was rolled out across all of its 30 locations in New South Wales and Queensland.

The chain said on its website, At Harris Farm, we believe in good food and the good things it does for people. That's why we've been working hard to weed artificial colours out of our stores. Why? Because it's better for you, it's better for the planet, and it tastes better. It's the way food is supposed to be. Coloured by Nature.

The move was made possible through close collaboration with suppliers in order to find new methods of production where needed, or alternative ingredients if needed. Now they can claim that all products are artifical colour-free.

Responsibility has always been a high priority for Harris Farm Markets, alongside sustainability too. The chain's range of imperfect picks - the wonky veg equivalent - has always been championed, as well as their efforts to reduce farm wastage too.

Find out more about the Coloured By Nature campaign here.

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