Autumnal Menus Report 2020

Once the hats and scarves emerged from the wardrobe, there was denying that autumn was firmly upon us, inspiring dishes to change much like the seasons. We investigated this year's major menu themes in autumn, comfort and warmth found its stride in a time of festive flavour and familiar treats.

Here are three key takeouts from our latest Autumnal Menus Report:

Slow-Cooked & Comfort

Particularly in 2020, we are all looking for added comfort in life and in our diets. Slow-cooked stews are filled with healthy vegetables, meat and fish, served in bowls with a side of soda, corn or sourdough breads and perhaps a flavoured butter. Soups are also filled with plenty of vegetables and even slow-cooked dishes such as risotto are turned into a comforting and warming soup.


Game meats are scattered across global menus, venison and rabbit are both found globally. In Australia, there is plenty of kangaroo on menus, served slow-cooked for tougher cuts or pan-seared for tender cuts. Game birds are dissected, with legs cooked confit to keep them moist and juicy, and breasts cooked quickly and where applicable served rare.


A seasonal must for autumn, pumpkin is found in sweet, savoury and drinks. The ubiquitous spiced pumpkin latte is served both hot and cold, topped with lashings of cream. In savoury, pumpkin is found in soups and stews, as well as risottos and served as a sauce. Pumpkin pie is a must, but for a different take try pumpkin ice cream. All with a pretty pale orange colour and plenty of sweet spices.

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