Avocado Restaurant Franchise is Coming To The UK

An avocado restaurant is set to launch across multiple locations in the UK, three years after opening in Amsterdam. The Avocado Show doesn't need much more of an introduction, with the name saying everything. The avocado is the centre piece of nearly every dish on the menu.

Following its initial conception in The Netherlands, The Avocado Show is preparing for major European expansion with a total of 19 franchise locations agreed across the continent. In the UK, Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford, and Guildford have all been tipped as locations ready to experience what The Avocado Show has to offer.

The concept has clearly been a hit so far, riding the avocado wave over the past few years to the tune of nearly 150k Instagram followers, as well as successful sales of an avocado cookbook as well as a range of merch too.

We recently featured the ever-popular avocado over on our Healthwatching September report, in Avocado Updated - covering Oil, Waste Free, Health Halo, Drinks, Ice Cream and Going Large. Take a look over on our trendhub here.

Lead image credit - The Avocado Show.