Back To Bake Off

It seems difficult to recall a time before Bake Off, where people did not discuss soggy bottoms or technical bakes, when the TV schedule did not have such an idyllic representation of Britain's love for tea & cake.

Bake Off returns at long last, adding a touch of familiarity to these strange times, ready to inspire viewers with their usual array of fantastic bakes, as a greater number of people enjoy baking more than ever before due to COVID.

thefoodpeople have covered plenty of unique and interesting trends within baking this year as a result of the global pandemic, be it seeking comforting treats or experimenting in times of limited resources, we have picked a few of our favourites ahead of Bake Off's first bake.


The Filipino bread is a simple bake which is enjoyed mainly at breakfast, but also throughout the day as a snack, which is experiencing a wave of creativity and experimentation. Whether filled with melted cheese, sweetened with fruit or even made with a sourdough mix, Pandesal is riding a surge of popularity on social media these days.

Burnt Basque Cheesecake

One of the Basque Country's greatest gifts to the world of cuisine is surely this indulgent burnt cheesecake, where its simple recipe produces an exquisitely smooth filling, which many have used as a blank canvas for unique touches. Though traditionally unflavoured, new creations include additions of seasonal fruit, chocolate and spices, helping to elevate this treat to another level.

Frog Bread

With much of 2020 having been spent in some degree of lockdown, it came as little surprise to see the imaginations of many bakers begin to run wild, often fuelled by the world stage that is social media. This saw the cheerful faced Frog Bread jump to the fore, a source of entertainment for the family in lockdown, as well as fun for everyone else to see the results - often to great amusement.

No Eggs

Can you recall the early days of lockdown which created a surge of people buying up boxes of eggs? This resulted in shortages for some areas, meaning experimenting with eggless recipes was a hot topic for bakers without their yolks. Of course, this is nothing unusual for those who have long baked cakes without animal products, allowing a whole field of experts to share their knowledge with bakers in distress; sharing wisdom while unable to share a slice.

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