Baileys Introduces Sound Scales - A Creative Way To Check How Much Is Left In The Bottle

Diageo drinks brand Baileys has launched an innovative new, tuneful way of determine how much drink is left inside the opaque bottles - introducing Sound Scales. The Irish cream liqueur brand introduced this digital innovation, in collaboration with creative agency VML, late last month to help consumers with their notoriously dark bottles.

The Sound Scales app works by listening to the sound created when you blow on the bottle lip before then revealing how much liquor is left in the bottle. It's said to be accurate to 50mls.

Speaking about the new creative solution, VML chief commerce officer, Debbie Ellison, said: "After the festive period where Baileys sees a surge in purchase and consumption, the iconic bottle and much-loved brand can often be hidden away in the alcohol cabinet out of sight and out of mind.

"With Sound Scales, Baileys playfully turns a business challenge into an opportunity to inspire and delight consumers with treat inspiration and discounting offers in an innovative way," she continued. "Our solution is the perfect culmination of our creative capability, linking brand experience, customer experience and commerce. It's exciting to see Baileys continue to trial new technology to inspire its customers to try new recipes in this way."

We've all done it - blowing the tops of bottles to make that classic whistling sound, with different tones created depending on the contents. Now, you can add science to the mix for an even better result!

Discover the Baileys Sound Scales app here.