Baileys Launches New Iced Coffee Range to Tap Into Growing Trend

Liqueur brand Baileys is welcoming an iced coffee range into its portfolio. Baileys iced coffee is launching into major grocery stores across the UK, in 200ml cans with two new ready to drink variants; latte and mocha, which are a fusion of arabica and robusta iced coffee with real milk, fine spirit and the renowned taste of Baileys Irish cream.

Baileys iced coffee offers consumers an accessible and delicious way to enjoy the beverage, straight from the fridge, whilst enabling the off trade to tap into the trend for alternative coffee options.

Sam Salameh, Baileys European marketing manager, said: "The popularity of coffee continues to grow, with over 18 billion cups consumed in Great Britain each year. As we continue to see how successfully Baileys works alongside coffee, and in serves such as the popular flat white Martini, we see the launch of the new iced coffee variants as a natural progression for the brand.

"The product will allow consumers to enjoy a mini moment of indulgence during casual get togethers with friends, both in and out of home, whilst offering a significant profit opportunity for retailers."

The new product will be supported by a six figure marketing investment which will focus on digital and social media activity as well as strategic sampling across the UK.

Find out more about the Baileys brand and its new product here.