Bakery Report 2020

Home baking sales continued to rise, with every indication that it is not simply driven by having more time during lockdown. A key driver of growth is frequency, and with people baking more often, we are becoming more adventurous and going back for more.

As part of our latest report, looking at all things baking related in 2020, we have selected three of the key trends documented during this unique year.

1) We've Gone Crazy For Baking And It Looks Like It's Here To Stay

Social media feeds filled with banana bread during lockdown 1.0, and as restrictions ramp up again, Babka (a braided yeast cake) is the lockdown bake of choice in Melbourne, Australia. In the UK, social media fills are full of people perfecting cinnamon buns, we are becoming more adventurous and expanding our baking repertoire.

2) Comforting Classics Continue To Rise

In uncertain times, baking provides a respite with the mindful process often triggering comforting memories of simpler times. We are taking comfort in those recipes that have been handed for generations – Victoria sponges, cookies and nostalgic classics such as Devil's food cake. Out of home, a hefty dose of nostalgia is thrown into the mix with custard slices and butterscotch tart. Twists on retro favourites provide something new, whilst retaining the familiarity of old- think wagon wheel croissants with lots of marshmallow and homemade raspberry jam.

3) Convenience Is Evolving

For every Sourdough baker out there, there is someone who doesn't necessarily have the time or confidence to bake from scratch. The freezer steps into its own as all of the smells of freshly baked croissants and cookies fill the house, with minimum fuss. Baking kits also ramp up a gear with pre-measured store cupboard ingredients and also a lot more choice. Think savoury baking kits with all of the ingredients and kit for the children during holidays or frozen ready to cook, cookie dough.

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